24th Annual Holiday Studio Tour

November 23-25 · Fri & Sat 10am—5pm · Sun 10am—4pm

Visit six open artists studios and ten artists in the Ginny Napurano Cultural Arts Center.
A free, self-guided tour in southern Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Teri Nalbone

Teri Nalbone’s work has a foundation in traditional quilting - layers of recycled fabrics are cut and stitched to give new life to worn materials.  The difference lies in her vibrant color schemes, and her creation of small, framed pieces of art instead of bed-sized quilts. 

Her modern folk-art style includes many elements found in nature - trees, animals and flowers - as well as decorative flourishes used to honor these simple objects.  Teri’s animal silhouettes are meant to showcase their dignity, using poses natural to each creature.

Teri begins by hand-dyeing her materials. Instead of purchasing new fabric to dye, she uses old sheets from a thrift store - this helps her have a more care-free approach to experimenting with colors, and connects her to quilting’s roots in recycling. Paper templates help shape a theme, which is then re-created in full color appliqués. The final step is the hand-guided machine quilting.  Teri’s unique style of free-motion quilting is done spontaneously - filling in the background with textures and details that pull the viewer into her uplifting world.


Teri Nalbone
7059 Ely Road, New Hope, PA 18938
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