23rd Annual Holiday Studio Tour

November 24-26 · Fri & Sat 10am—5pm · Sun 10am—4pm

Visit six open artists studios and ten artists in the Sergeantsville Cultural Arts Center.
A free, self-guided tour in southern Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Swan Street Studio

Katherine Hackl has expanded her pottery work to include the new technique of water etching.  This is a process that combines her love of subtle texture and the visual character of brushstrokes.  She makes each piece using a porcelain clay that is then layered with a colored underglaze.  Once dry, the piece is painted with a resit such as wax or shellac and allowed to dry.  The background is then washed away with a water solution.  This leaves a lovely layered look that combines some of the traits of her traditional sgraffito work and the more recent porcelain hand painted brushwork.  It has a certain "evening light” feel with its flattened sense of depth. The new possibilities have been great fun to explore.  Katherine also continues to expand on her traditional sgraffito and brushwork collections with new patterns and vivid color additions.


Katherine Hackl
Swan Street Studio
226 Swan Street
Lambertville, New Jersey 08530
Web Site
(609) 397–9073