24th Annual Holiday Studio Tour

November 23-25 · Fri & Sat 10am—5pm · Sun 10am—4pm

Visit six open artists studios and ten artists in the Ginny Napurano Cultural Arts Center.
A free, self-guided tour in southern Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Sheila Watson Coutin

Sheila’s inspiration continues to come from the plants, leaves, flowers and creatures in her garden, which still fills her with delight throughout the changing seasons.  Discovering a stand of skunk cabbage leaves besides her stream has become a source of large textured platters for birdbaths or tables. Painted flowers decorate her bowls and sculptures, and ceramic birds can fly over flower beds or sit with open wings on a shelf.  The possibilities are endless with Sheila’s creativity!

Sheila Watson Coutin
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(908) 782–7776