22nd Annual Holiday Studio Tour

November 25-27 · Fri & Sat 10am—5pm · Sun 10am—4pm

Visit six open artists studios and eleven artists in the Sergeantsville Cultural Arts Center.
A free, self-guided tour in southern Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Ellie Wyeth

"My floor cloth designs spring from a deep love of the natural world and a fondness for intricate patterns and vivid color. And an appreciation that has deepened with the years for the serendipitous, often whimsical, results when nature and ornament are joined together in my compositions."

As a life-long student, Ellie Wyeth’s inspirations derive from her on-going exploration into all genres of art. Her ideas are fired by sources as diverse as Cezanne’s still lifes, the Italian Renaissance, 19th and 10th century botanicals, the subtlety of line in humorous illustrations, and the ornamental borders of ancient Roman frescoes and Medieval manuscript illumination. She loves the objects of simple, everyday life as observed and rendered by an honest and joyful eye. She finds that the celebration of the quotidian infused with the exotica of past art and culture keeps her ideas fresh and her work evolving. In addition to these influences, Ms. Wyeth has, for the past six years, worked two months of each year as a directorial assistant at a well-regarded painting residency program in Umbria, Italy – an experience that has allowed her to work alongside, and be critiqued by, a number of distinguished painters.

Each floor cloth consists of a rectangle of heavy-duty canvas that is primed with at least three coats of gesso. Each coat is sanded and the edges of the cloth are hemmed to create a more durable border. The backgrounds and borders are painted with several coats of latex paint. The design itself is painted in acrylic and then, receives at least four coats of water-based polyurethane. To complete the process, each floor cloth is backed with a non-skid rubber pad.

Ellie Wyeth
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