24th Annual Holiday Studio Tour

November 23-25 · Fri & Sat 10am—5pm · Sun 10am—4pm

Visit six open artists studios and ten artists in the Ginny Napurano Cultural Arts Center.
A free, self-guided tour in southern Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Don Schoenleber

Don Schoenleber thinks of photography as an accumulative experience, a never ending journey of refinement. The more he works at it the more he sees the world around him.  It makes him slow down and appreciate the subtleties, the time of day and the color of the light. Early morning is his first choice. It’s warm, soft directional light helps bring out the form and texture of the landscape.

Don’s focus runs from Landscape to the abstract but he feels most strongly about photographing Bucks County, Hunterdon County and the surrounding area.  In many cases it’s the less obvious bits of nature and man-made form that he finds most appealing.

It’s a combination of camera and imagination; Nature, Form, Light, Lines, Shapes and Shadows.

Don Schoenleber